Editorial Principles: BusinessNameGenerator.com

What are the steps we take to support businesses? Find out more about our editorial principles.

Make the most of market expertise 

Our team of specialists has been recruited to help our customers by sharing their knowledge and helping businesses of all sizes get off the ground. To help answer the key questions that come to mind when setting up a business, we research the latest trends, regularly update content, and apply our experience to go over important details.

We don’t cut corners to develop our content 

In the ever-changing world where artificial intelligence (AI) is readily available and able to write content, you can rest assured we always write copy using our in-house editorial team and don’t rely on AI tools to do the hard work. 

Offer an accessible user experience 

We write simple and straightforward product and news content that is easy to grasp regardless of your background or level of expertise.

Provide value-add content

We strive to offer more than a business name generator tool – our team of experts has the passion and expertise to write support guides, news, blogs, and videos to help you tackle setting up your new business. And use our decades’ worth of experience in business management to offer easily digestible content and actionable tips. We also recommend and offer tools for your future business as you grow.  

Build trust 

To create content you can trust, our in-house editorial team fact-checks every article, and we use industry-leading insights from tools such as Statista to help inform the content we write. We make sure our customers have access to the most up-to-date information for their launch and as a seasoned business owner. 

Transparent approach to business 

We are happy to share how our Business Name Generator generates a profit, including the fact that some of the links within articles may be affiliate links. For more information, you can read our affiliate disclosure agreement. However, affiliate relationships don’t affect our decisions about what we talk about within our generator pages, blog posts, and news digest.

Contact us

Email our editorial team any feedback, questions, or PR requests to [email protected].