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Our Mission

We help businesses take the first step in their brand story by using our business name generator tool to develop memorable business names. And by providing them with the resources to help them get their business started and grow into a successful company.

Kristoffer Lindström, CEO

Our Products & Services

Name Generator

Unlimited free business name ideas

Domain Name Finder

Check domain name availability immediately

Logo Designs

Get supporting logo designs


Ability to register an LLC


Functionality to trademark a business name


Get learning resources, including articles, video, and research

Our Story

Business Name Generator is a leading business name generation tool and part of the Adventrum Group, which was founded through a series of acquisitions in late 2020. Adventrum owns and provides digital assets within the B2B performance marking space—Adventrum is part of the leading Performance Marketing Group Marketzoo.

BNG Evolution

Founded in 2010

Acquired by Adventrum in 2020

21 million visitors by 2021

Launched YouTube @2023

13 Employees in 2024

Shortlisted for ‘Best Use of Creativity 2023’ @UK Digital PR Awards

Launched new tools (LLC, trademark, logo design)

Launched a new AI generator

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Our Values


We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We constantly seek out new ways to improve our generator and provide better value to our users.


Our users are at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our users and helping them achieve success.


We are ambitious and have a passion to make things successful for our users. We strive to implement uniqueness, love, and enthusiasm in everything we do.

Who Are Our Customers?

People starting a business for the first time

We support them by:

  • Explaining business terms and processes
  • Easing their doubts about how to set up a business
  • Breaking down the considerations they need to think about when naming their business.

Entrepreneurs that have set up multiple businesses

We support them by:

  • Making it simple to come up with many creative and memorable business name ideas.
  • Provide the extra tools they need to find domain names, register and trademark their companies and buy a supporting logo.

Meet Our Business Experts

We are a team of 13 business experts enthusiastic about business names and startups who work on our English-speaking site. We also have a team of 39 specialist writers who work on our international websites. We are motivated by the belief that teamwork allows us to accomplish far more than working alone.