10 Day Opportunity

  • February 17th, 2017

I follow Eric Thomas because dude is flat out dope. Check out this post he made about opportunity. He’s not talking about acting; but you better believe these words apply to an acting career.

The word for today is OPPORTUNITY. We all have them, but we don’t all use them.While you’re busy looking for that big, flashy, dream deal to walk into your life, you’re sleeping on the little one that’s gonna kick down the doors for you!

What are you doing? Are you preparing for your ten-day boy or are you waiting to get ready when “THE BIG ONE” comes around? I promise you if you’re not grinding now in preparation for your “ten-day” opportunity, that “Big Boy” will pass you by. Can’t you see that your “10 Day” opportunity is your gateway to the league? Don’t sleep on any opportunity! The one you snooze on will be the one you lose on. Be Prepared!